Got Questions?

Q: What all is included with my one-time payment of $10?
  • You get the opportunity to earn $7 payments over and over, just by creating 1 payline - additional paylines (a payline is started with each paid member you refer) create even more opportunity to earn
  • You get to submit 2 banner ads that will share in rotation at the top and bottom of all pages inside the site (as you see above and below on this page)
  • You get full access to our downline builder, which is not loaded with admin programs - it is for 7 of your favorite programs and they display to all members of your downline thru 10 levels

Q: Is my personal information protected with your company?
A: Personal information that you provide to our businesses is privacy protected. Your information will never be shared or sold to anyone!

Q: How many do I need to refer to make money?
A: This 1-up Powerline model is probably THE BEST compensation plan ever thought up... you refer your first paid member and that income is passed up to your sponsor, which qualifies you to earn going forward. Then, your next (2nd) paid member you refer passes their first paid member income up to you... who will pass their first paid member income up to you... and so on forever. If you refer one more paid member (your 2nd powerline), you create another leg of members passing up their first paid member income to you.

Q: Can I stay a Free Member and make money?
A: To enjoy the benefits of bonus traffic and to have the ability to earn, you just need to pay the one-time $10. You never have to pay again and you have the ability to earn infinitely.

Q: What Payment Processors do you accept inside?
  • Card Payments via Stripe.

Q: How do you Pay Commissions?
  • Currently, Commissions are paid via GooglePay.

Q: I have a new email address - how do I change it?
A: Use the Contact Us link above and include your new email address and we will update your profile for you.

Q: I created an account, but now I can't login... what happened?
A: If you have BitBounce, Boxbe, etc., your account was likely deleted! Here's a word of advice... DON'T USE THEM! Those emails bounce right back to every admin - don't use email addresses with these services, UNLESS you whitelist (add to contacts) immediately!

Q: I have more questions... how do I contact you?
A: Just refer to the "Contact Us" menu option above.

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